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***When taking any of Tracy's Classes or workshops you will receive double points at Infinite Creations, a 10% discount for any products in store, after the class a $50.00 discount off of any regular priced session with Tracy.***

Creating My 2018
Jan 2- Dec 31st - you can join anytime in Jan and you will receive all the fun and creation tools that everyone else has received.

For 12 months you will receive for many topics from money, abundance, relationships, business, career, creating ease and more each week, minimum 4 times a week all of the following.
    - Private Facebook group

    - Tips and tools 
    - Questions to use
    - Energy pull
    - Clearing and/or energy sent
    - Other bonus throughout the year​

Payment options
    - One time payment of $420.00  
    - Re-occurring payment of $42.00 a month 
    - VIP clients you receive this for FREE

To register click here, once you are registered click here to pay
you will then be emailed  link to Facebook Group.

Energy Healing Class 

Investment $250.00

Did you know you have your own capacities to heal yourself and others?

What this class is about:
Learning about your ability to change things in your body
Communicating with your body
How to work on yourself and others
Tapping into numerous healing energies
Utilizing many new techniques, processes and light beings that Tracy has been trained in

A hands-on technique learning class specific to each individual person!

Access Bars
November 24th, 2018
Investment $350.00
Taken before with any Facilitator or under 18 $175.00
Under 14 free
Register HERE to register

Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and cared for? Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness without any judgment for your body or your being?

The first class in Access Consciousness is The Bars™. Did you know there are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive?These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored in any lifetime. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!

Each Bars session can release 5-10 thousand years of limitations in the area of your life that corresponds with the specific Bar being touched. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change! How much of your life do you spend doing rather than receiving? Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like it to be? You could have everything you desire (and then some!) if you are willing to receive lots more and maybe do a little less! Receiving or learning The Bars will allow this and so much more to show up for you!
The Bars has assisted thousands of people change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more! At worst you will feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.

Creating Beyond a Vision Board
October 21st 
Investment $150.00
Repeat Pricing- $90.00

Click HERE to register

Have you tried Law of Attraction, Manifesting or the Secret and you are stuck or it's not quite working the way you thought or you may be interested in creating more in your life. This is the class for you.

This class is about getting clear on what you would like to create your life to be life, your asks to be clear and your energy congruent to your asks. Personalized to YOU!!! 

So if a Vision board, Law of Attraction, manifestation, actualization whatever you have called it hasn't been working for you this class is designed to assist you beyond that. Giving you the tools, language and clarity you need.

Can you create more than you ever even that possible? YES YOU CAN!!!!!!! Learn what limiting beliefs you have and how to change them to bring in what you desire. You have the capability within to create your highest desires. This really is a easy process that you will learn and you will reap the rewards of having what you desire come into your life.

Learn the basics on how to create what you would love your life to look like and take the direction you would like to go. This class includes some powerful clearing of blockages, old beliefs and patterns that you hold, 

We will work together and clear barriers and blocks that may be in place. We will do many clearing techniques like discovering old patterns, beliefs, Karmic clearing, and clear any agreements or vows that may show up.

We will also be working on your priorities and targets, clear all the places you are stuck. Giving you the tools to create beyond what you have to date.

You will leave with the tools you need to create your life!!!

Kids Reiki
September 22nd
Investment $125.00
Click HERE to register

They will learn how to run energy on themselves, others plants and animals. Kids Reiki encompasses more then the adult class. Why? Kids are open to running energy and they get it much quicker then we do. This class is great for Kids to start to heal themselves, understanding that the body and that they have the capacity to heal. How to ask and receive energy and utilize for others including animals and plants. This class empowers Kids!! 
Some of what is covered and we do in class:
- Reiki attunement
- Manual
- Practice running Reiki on themselves, plants and how to run on animals
- We discuss energy and what it is
- Where Reiki came from
- We also play with there own awareness of energy and what they know.
- They will also learn how to send energy
- Certificate of completion
- We will have built in body moving breaks and a lunch break

Level One Reiki
September 23rd 
9:30 - 5:30
Investment $220.00 
Click HERE  to register

Would you like to reduce stress, like to have some physical or emotional relief, relax, and create some balance in your life? This is a great time to learn how to do some self care and empower your life and be attuned to Reiki-Universal loving energy!!! I will also assist in finding & bringing your own natural intuitive awareness into Reiki.
- Reiki history
- Attunements
- The Reiki hand positions
- The Reiki Principles
- Chakra Discussion
- 3rd eye opening Meditation
- Self Treatment Hand Positions & Treatment
- Treating Others Hand Positions & Treatment
- Hand Positions for Specific Problems
- Practice of new positions and full treatment of gifting and receiving
- Reiki Manual
- Certificate

Level Two Reiki 
September 30th 
Investment $330.00
Click HERE to register

Taking your Reiki to the next level and increasing the Reiki and your vibration. You will also learn 3 symbols including how to send Reiki healing energy at distance to people and events. 
- Power Symbol
- Mental & Emotional Symbol
- Distance Healing Symbol
- Group Healing
- How to add crystals, Angels and other other techniques into Reiki
- Practice of new positions and full treatment of gifting and receiving 
-How to set up your practice or things to be aware of when practicing on others.
- Reiki Manual
- CertificateLevel Two Reiki

Advance/Master Level Reiki

Investment $500.00

This class is taking Reiki to the Master Level. You will learn the Master symbol and assist you on your spiritual journey.
- Master Symbol
- Spirit Release
- Reiki Meditation
- Psychic Surgery
- Reiki Crystal Grid
- Full treatment of gifting and receiving
- Reiki Manual
- Certificate

Master/ Teacher Level Reiki

$1000.00 total if taking both Advanced & Teaching, $666.00 if taking just this day

-Step by Step Reiki Attunements of people and things
- Practice Attunements
- Step by step how to run a class
- 1 year of mentorship which includes contact through email and calls for your own development of classes
- Distant Attunements
- Manual
- Certificate

Develop your Awareness
Investment $150.00
Under 18 $75.00

Did you know that you are aware? Yep everyone has awareness or intuition or psychic abilities...whatever you would like to call them. You have just learned how to close them off. 

In this class you will learn how aware you are and how you can use this in your life. Creating more in all areas. You have learn techniques and skills to assist you with accessing and awakening your awareness and allowing it to grow. This class is for anyone at all levels.

Raindrop Technique
October 19th
Investment $100.00 -you have your own oils, $130.00 you need oils supplied
​Click HERE to register 

Learn how to apply the oils for Raindrop therapy.

It is a method that combines several holistic modalities to bring balance and alignment to the body in a non-invasive manner. It also stimulates all the body systems on a physical and emotionally level. This technique involves applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, neck and feet. Brings structural and electrical alignment to the body. It is designed to bring balance to the body with its relaxing and mild application. It will help align the energy centers of the body and release them if blocked, without using hard pressure or trying to force the body to change.

Crystals - the Basics
November 3rd
Investment: $150.00 
** if you are taking Crystals - Beyond the Basics then the investment for both classes is $250.00
Click HERE to register

What is a crystal? How do they work? In this workshop we will be discussing crystals and utlizing exercises with crystals!!! 
How to choose?
How to cleanse?
How to store?
What to do with them?
What do the colours and shapes represent?
How to communicate with them?
What crystals to avoid?
We will be looking into using crystals with Chakras, Auras and healing!!
We will also be looking at creating high vibrational spaces and drawing out negative energies!!!

Crystals - Beyond the Basics
November 4th
Investment: $175.00 -- includes taking home gem spray and specifically programmed crystal 
** if you are taking Crystals - the Basics and Beyond the Basics then the Investment is $250.00 for the both of them 
Click HERE to register

This workshop is designed to go beyond the basic information of crystals. What can a crystal tell me about myself? How can I be my own Crystal Healer?
- releasing from the past
- crystals and your organs
- crystals and detoxifcation
- crystals and the mind
- listening to your crystals
- finding inner balance with your crystals
- working with crystals daily : bathing, massage, gem essences, and meditating
- working with high vibrational crystals
- some very basic crystal grids

​How to Read Oracle Cards

Investment $170.00 includes a deck of oracle cards

Would you like to be able to do Angel Card Readings? They are accurate and give us comforting guidance. We all have within us the capability to read the cards. If you would like to tap into your own abilities and do Angel Card Readings yourself this is the class for you.
You will learn to read oracle cards for yourself and others (if you like). How to understand and trust the messages you are intuitively receiving. You learn what a card spread is and different ways to use them. You get the opportunity to practice with oracle cards. This is just some of what you learn in this class.

​Clearing Techniques
Investment $250.00 
Click HERE to register

Newly added more powerful and additions to this class- Learn techniques for yourself or as a Practitioner to Clear energy blockages in the physical, emotional and spiritual level, for you, your space and home. Everything from energy cords, celluar & memory release, Divine Fire, vows, contracts and agreements, Healing waters, Karma Balancing, Akashic Records, how to clear a space and much more.

Body Process Classes 
3 hrs​
Investment $90.00 or two for $150.00
Access Consciousness® BODY PROCESSES- Would you be willing to have a different reality with your body?

Meditation Class 

Learn the Basics of Meditating. This class offers you a way to relax and reduce stress. Includes a discount off of any Meditation CD

Spiritual Awakening 
Investment $ 250.00 
Have you questioned if there is something more in life? Are looking to learn more along your spiritual path? This class is designed to assist you along your journey. This class will also be designed around your questions.

Some of the topics covered:

- Understanding your intuitive abilities and how to utilize your awareness. 
- How to Clear your energy and raise your energetic vibration. 
- Actualization (what you know as Law of Attraction) and how to utilize. 
- We will be doing Meditation and clearings. 
- You will be given real life examples, exercises and more to develop and recognize your own potential.

Investment $150.00 for the day or $90.00 each class
Click HERE to register

MTVSS 9:30-12:30, Biomimetic Mimicry 2:00-5:00
Investment $90.00 each or both for $150.00

When was the last time you gifted your body a day to receive, relax and let go?

What gift can these classes be to you and your body?

MTVSS is one of the most dynamic hands-on tools in Access. MTVSS is often the “tool of choice” for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning. It can have a major effect on the immune system, especially when done on the joints, as an immune system booster or overall body immune system stimulant. It is also useful to undo programming which has distorted the blueprint of our body’s natural function due to traumatic injury. It can allow our bodies to function with more ease during sports, workouts or exertion. Wherever you are living in lack and limitation, this helps add ease to your life.

What more could you change with adding this to you’re your self, family, if you’re a therapist to your massages, Reiki and or other energetic modalties?

What are the other possibilities when you add this to your life and practice?

MTVSS can be used a thousand different ways and each time it creates a different possibility. We are activating these things within your body. It’s all the ways in which you have locked up your body, thinking that this reality is the sum total of what you can do or be. This is a way you can begin to recognize that you have hands-on healing abilities. You can change all kinds of things with people’s bodies and your own.
You will learn to use MTVSS:
• As an immune system booster by running it on key points on the body.
• As an overall body immune system stimulant by running it on the joints.
• How to combine MTVSS with Liquefaction to increase the effectiveness and saturation of other Body Processes.
• How to energize and maximize your workouts with MTVSS.

Biomimetic Mimicry
Biomimetic Mimicry of Other People’s Pains, Pathways and Realities. This process changes where we create our lives and our bodies from mimicking others instead from our choice. Biomimetic is what you lock into the body trying to duplicate or understand others. It is a natural ability of the body to be able to fit in the rest of the world. You mimic other pathways and point of view when you need to understand them from an intellectual or energetic point of view that requires you to lock the similarities into your body in order to have clarity from your point of view to theirs.

How does it get better than this? What contribution can these processes be to your body, your life, your family given this time of year where our emotions run high and we are busier than normal with the holidays and family.

How to Communicate with Angels, Archangels, Goddess, Ascended Masters and other Light Beings
9:30 - 5:30
Investment $150
Click Here to Register

This class we will discuss many different light energies from Angels, Archangels, Goddess, Ascended Masters, Guides. ​Fairies, Mermaids & other Mystical Beings

Join us for this class where we will be discussing numerous light beings. Their existence, their differences, how to connect with them, communicate with them, play in their magical energy, and call them in.

How they can assist you in creating more joy, abundance, play and fun, creating with them and the Earth. Creating with them and that creates more in your world.

This is day spent expanding your awareness of beings around you. You will learn techniques and connect with your own personal team. How to clear energy with them how to ask them to assist you in your journey. 

12 Chakra Class
9:30 - 5:30
Investment $150.00

Take a Journey into learning about the 12 Chakras. Yes this about more than just the seven that you may have previously heard about. This class is presented in a dynamic and expansive way. Whether your are brand new, never heard about a Chakra or have played with or are experienced in Chakras, this class has something for you. In this class you learn about
- What the 12 Chakras are?
- What each Chakra represents?
- How to connect to each Chakra.
- What Archangel, crystal, sound, colour and the affirmation associated with each Chakra?
- How to balance and clear each Chakra?
- How to do a full treatment on your self and others?
- Meditation on each Chakra
- A color poster of the Chakras to hang
- A manual and certificate

Specific Classes 
can be set up upon request

Would you like to host a class contact Tracy at tracy@tracyreifferscheid.com for more info regarding Hosting Packages!!!

I am available to teach in other communities. Prices may vary when teaching out of Humboldt Area. 

If you see class that you are interested that has no date please contact. Your name will be added to interest list. 

I am also available to teach day classes and will set up for groups of a minimum of 2 or more people.

Information Evenings

Angels & Guides Info Evening
Investment $20.00
An intro into the world of Angels and Guides. What are the difference and a brief meditation to connect you to yours.

Past Life Info Evening
Investment $25.00
We will discuss that past lives exist and that they can have been effecting your current life, influence some of what you like or dislike, and fears. Tracy will also answer some of your questions regarding past lives and verify a lifetimes for you. (This will be for the a select few as time permits).

Beyond a Vision Board- Info Evening
Investment $20.00 

An evening to discuss that you are the creator in your life, that anything you desire is a possibility. You will be given some real life examples and a few basics techniques. The reason why law of attraction my not be working completely for you.

Meditation to meet your Animal Guide
Investment $25.00
We all have an Animal Guide. They assist us in our journey and have an energy that is apart of our energy. This is a guided meditation to meet and communicate your Animal Guide. You will be able to know what their energy means.

Facilitator of Infinite Possibilities

Assisting you in creating Ease & Joy in the Body, Mind, Spirit, Life and Business!!!

Specializing in- 
Access Bars, Body Magic, Intuitive Healing, Business, Body & Life Coaching, Clearing Spaces,
 Past Life Readings