Barefoot Goddess Products

                                       BATH SALTS 
                                                These bath salts are created with a different theme and hold                                                                   the energy of what it is designed for. They are programmed and infused                                                 with energy from crystals, many different light beings, therapeutic grade                                                 oils and Reiki energy 


Balance & Clear Your Energy- Clears and balances your energy. Balances your emotions, purifies your energy. Magnifies your purpose and grounds.

Pain & Stiffness- Assists with the relief of muscle stiffness, pain and tension. Use to prevent stiffening of muscles, pain and unwind tension held in the muscles.

Dreamtime-Allow the angels to take you into a deep relaxed state and have a wonderful relaxed and rejuvenating sleep

Joy and Harmony- Allow the fairies in and they will assist you with bringing in joy, harmony, playfulness and nuture your inner child

Cold Relief- Bathe with on the onset of a cold or flu. This salt will also assist you in some relief from a cough and congestion

For the Mama- Great to assist after a baby is born in a sits bath or a regular bath. It also assists with lady hormonal occurences like PMS and menopause. It is soothing and relaxing

                                            These sprays each have a theme. They are programmed and infused                                             with energy from crystals, many different light beings, therapeutic grade                                             oils and Reiki energy. Each one is designed to find the person that it can                                             contribute to.

                                             $20.00 Reqular, Practitioner size $70.00, Custom $25.00, 
                                    Chakra set $200.00

You can spray on you, around you, in a room or on your pillow before you go to sleep. Also available are custom sprays, created just for you and what your body and energy require.

For the Mama, Perineum Spray- Great for after the baby is born
For the Mama Baby Blues- Shake, spray on or around you feel uplifted

Magic- Brings in the magical energy of many Light Beings into your life!!

Balance & Grounding- Balances and Grounds your energy

Clearing- Removes all lower vibrations from your energy or from a space

Goddess- Allows your inner Goddess to come out

Manifesting-‘I am open to receiving”

Love- Inspires the sense and promotes Love of Self. Brings in the vibration of Love, emanating to your space and relationships

Tranquility-Allows your body, mind, energy & spirit to experience tranquility 

Uplifting- Raise your energy and invite joy & fun in

Meditation/Journey Spray-Brings in the highest vibration & assists you to Meditate or Journey

Chakra Set- a spray designed for each of the 12 Chakra’s 

                                                    Guided Meditation CD’s-
                                                    Each cd has been channelled by the                                                                                               numerous light beings that exist and that 
                                                    Tracy communicates with

                                                    $12.00 each

12 Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation- with the assistance of the Archangels that correspond to each Chakra, and with an affirmation for each along with other techniques your chakras will be balanced. Leaving you feeling balanced, relaxed and refreshed. 

Clear & Release- Living Life with Purpose Meditation, clearing your energy and any past/present issues keeping you stuck

Connecting to your Angel or Guide Meditation- this meditation will assist in connecting to and receiving messages from your Angel or Spirit Guide.

Embracing Your Personal Power, Talents & Gifts Meditation- this meditation assists you clearing what is blocking and in embracing your personal power, talents & gifts

Healing Waters Meditation- a very powerful meditation that takes you to another place and assists with healing your body, mind and spirit. Leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

                                                    Light the candle that is infused with Archangel Energy, Reiki     
                                                    and encoded with healing energy