Most of the Techniques listed below may be done in combination to facilitate your healing journey. For your convenience they are listed separately. If you would like to book a specific therapy please place in the comment section when booking. 

***All Sessions are $100/hr  $140/hr&half  unless otherwise noted.
Children and Youth (18&under)  $70/hr *** Off site locations add $20.00 a session

Please call 682-2994 or email for more details about specials. 
Tracy uses many techniques that utilize her training in clearly out the old patterns and assisting you in BEING YOU, finding the magic of YOU!!!

What is your Soul saying, what is it needing. Allow Tracy to read your energy at the Soul Level while she connects to Spirit and the many Divine beings. When a Intuitive healing session is done Tracy incorporates many Intuitive Techniques. Your energy reveals truths of what you need to know, where you are blocked or in need of healing- belief systems, patterns. past & future lives, clearing and balancing techniques needed.

These sessions may consist of a variety of information from your energy. Tracy will ask you what you would like to receive from your session. Your session can include answering your questions of information you would like to know, clearing blockages that have you or your energy stuck, verbal processing, coaching, past life information and energy run on the body for pain, balancing and more. These sessions can change your body, energy, how you perceive the world, your life. How much change are you looking for in your world.
Would you like to create a dynamic change in your body? Are you experiencing pain, constrictions or discomfort in your body? Did you know your body is capable of something different? Would your body love to be nurtured and cared for? Would you like to find the magic your body truly is?

Utilizing many techniques including ESSE.

What is an ESSE (Energetic Synthesis Of Structural Embodiment)? It is about changing the structure of embodiment. It is hands on manipulation of the body's fascia or connective tissue to create greater ease and lightness of embodiment. Creating a greater connection between your body and being.

Tracy includes this technique with verbal processing to clear the energy and release emotional blockages along with the physical. Along with SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) energy she has been trained in.

In a nutshell in a session- Tracy communicates with your body to facilitate what is required for change with numerous techniques. Resetting your body back to the magic it truly was designed to be...which is amazing and capable to be free of pain and stress!!!!

PAST LIFE READING 1 hr or more
Have you been interested in other lifetimes you have lived?

Accessing other lifetimes for information. Also giving you the opportunity to release imprints, vows, things affecting your current life. 

Stepping through the portal to other lives and discover what may be affecting you in this life. We will then do a clearing on anything that surfaces which does not serve you.

Tracy will do a past life reading to access lifetimes that you have lived. Also clearing any energy that no longer serves you or keeping you stuck.
SYMPHONY OF POSSIBILITIES 30 minutes-$60.00, 1 hr- $120.00
The Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) sessions are about energetic empowerment and change. It can invite you to open up to LIVING in a completely different way. every person has a unique capacity with receiving and gifting energies. In a SOP session allows you to start truly access what is true for you and your body--beyond everything that you bought as real in this reality. the SOP are a combination of coaching, verbal processing and body processes unique to SOP. They are based on Access Consciousness and the energetic transformation work created by Dr. Dain Heer. 

ACCESS BARS ™ 1hr- 1 1/2 hrs
The Bars are 32 points on your head that when gently touched discharges limiting beliefs. It is similar to hitting the delete button on your junk folder on your computer. The Bars slow down brain waves to allow behavioral patterns & addictions to change. Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed, nurtured and cared for?
Who does the Bars work for, adults, children any willing participant who chooses to make changes in their life with ease, joy and glory! The Bars has assisted thousands of people change many aspects of their body and their life. You may find that you sleep better, have increased energy, open to receive more, enhanced healing, limitations gone, weight/body image change, reduction or elimination of pain and so much more……….

This combined with my intuition, other energetic work, coaching and subconscious mind techniques that I use is very powerful. If you chose and allow yourself to want a change contact me for a session. 

​CASE STUDY- 1 hr- 1 1/2 hr
** Tracy is looking for people who have chronic conditions, physical ailments, emotional conditions to participate in a study. Space is limited! She requires people who:
1) have desire and are open to possibilities of change
2) are committed to sessions, they could be a couple times a week or every couple of weeks
3) are okay with their results being used for advertising, your name will remain confidential
4) provide testimonials
5) minimum of 5 sessions to be pre-paid at a reduced price of $80.00 per session. 
Contact Tracy directly if you are interested at 1-306-231-4350 or email at
BUSINESS, BODY & ENERGY COACHING SESSION- please discuss this option with Tracy and a customized program will be set up!!! This may have the option of case study.

Would you be willing to have a different reality with your body? I am offering Body Processing Sessions. This session includes coaching, energy work and the process your body requires for changes. From body image, pain, slowing the aging process, to conditions in the body. I will connect energetically to your body to see what it requires.

What would you like to create with your business? Book a business coaching session to discover a different way of doing business. Find out what your business requires and what you can do to make it thrive!

Do you have Anxiety, High & lows, life seems to be hard and a struggle? Would you like to change this? I will assist you in discovering what is sticking you. Releasing the old patterns, beliefs, judgements, energies so that life can be embraced from joy.
HOUSE / BUSINESS / LAND CLEARING (time depends on individual needs) $175.00, mileage out of town extra
Tracy will clear your space using many different techniques. She will clear any entities , negative energy, geopathic stress lines, energies of previous owners, to sell your home, assist in increasing your business, for a sense of peace. This can be done in person or from a distance. 
Some services are offered in a group setting. Inquire if interested.

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Disclaimer: All therapies assist with physical, emotional and spiritual releases but is not intended to be a substitute for medical care