“….Step by step I found myself being referred to Tracy's Angel Therapy, Reiki, and Ionic Detox.  Tracy's healing gifts of Angel Therapy and Reiki offered me a safe haven to share openly. I began to have regular sessions with her, along with developing my personal spiritual practice. Working with Tracy I received help for my spiritual and physical needs. I have developed more trust and faith in the healing power of God's love for me and for everyone.  I followed up my Angel Therapy, Reiki, and Ionic Detox with my prayers ,exercise, quiet time to listen inward, healthier eating, reading and listening to healthy spiritual material…… The flow of light and love comes when I am in alignment mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I feel blessed to have a safe haven to turn to for my spiritual and physical needs at this point in my healing journey.  My healing is my responsibility and is taking constant vigilance on my part and a desire to continue learning.  I appreciate the availability of Angel Therapy so close to home.  Angels are more real for me than ever.  I thank Tracy for being there for me. "   
C.S of Humboldt, SK 
“I wanted to thank you as you are really helping deal with the stuff I have going on.  Over the last few days I have been feeling more like myself and seem to be starting to have some control the stress and anxiety instead of it constantly controlling me.  I still have more work to do and I feel I am ready to continue moving forward….” 
A.K of Humboldt, SK
Everyone should learn Reiki. The world would be a better place. It has changed me, it  changed the way I look at myself, others and the whole world around me. I am a better person because of Reiki.
R.R of Humboldt, SK

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Thank you for an amazing treatment. Your new Access bars therapy is wonderful!!  I've had discomfort and pain from old injuries for quite awhile. Other therapies helped but none worked like this access bars did. 
During the treatment I felt those old injuries and muscles release.... They let go and shifted into a more comfortable way of being. My pain is so much LESS!!  For that I'm truly grateful. As well my energy levels and muscles continued to shift for a while after. There was such a feeling of peace and contentment with this treatment. It even showed on my face after. I'll definitely be back for more treatments. It was incredible!!  
Blessings, light and love to you. 
D.M of Humboldt, SK

“Had a most "amazazing" Reiki treatment from Awakenings Therapies this afternoon. I would highly recommend it. . Thank you so much Tracy- it was awesome!” 
L.W of St. Gregor, SK

"Thank you Tracy for providing a warm, caring and non-judmental enviroment. You are a gifted instuctor that allowed each of us to ask question and embrace our gifts. Thanks again, I will be traveling back for my remaining Reiki levels."
R.R of Cold Lake, AB